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This is a passion project of mine and something I believe is of the utmost importance in our industry. Services on offer include:

  • Management and leadership training for veterinary leaders, including 'Management Boot Camp' for those new to the role.

  • Management mentorship - monthly subscription for any staff member, including one on one meetings and on-call support.  This is a great option for any team member in a position of leadership.

  • Team Morale Healthcheck - work intimately with each team member and establish a 360° view of your team's morale and wellness, compile report with strategic suggestions.  Option to include locum shifts to allow consultant to view workflow and interactions firsthand. 

  • Close work with practice owners and managers to clarify definition of team roles and ensure staff are happily working to optimum capacity.

  • CPD events to open up conversation about the many dilemmas faced in any leadership position.


I realise how busy Practice Managers and clinical teams are. This can make it difficult not only to find the time to implement new initiatives but also to implement in a way that does not isolate the team or cause resistance (‘We don’t have time’ is a constant refrain the PM and partners hear in practice). As an experienced Project Manager, I can be engaged to run projects for individual practices and ensure a successful outcome which meets business requirements and satisfies all team members.  Though by no means exhaustive, the following are examples of potential projects:

  • RCVS accreditation assistance

  • Impartial exit interviews

  • Events

  • Practice renovation/building projects

  • Institution of and training for new technologies

  • Introduction of your new Practice Plan

  • Clinical audits

  • Establishment of SOPs

  • Procurement of equipment

  • Marketing strategy and refresh


•  Review current business and clinical position, goals and efficiencies

•  Review/refresh/create bespoke business models
•  Modernisation of systems


  • Selection and training of leaders.

  • Examining the career path of leaders in our industry - how can we train and support leaders effectively?

  • Management boot camp - for those completely new to Practice Management or interested. Learn about VAT, PM systems, SPVS, buying groups, insurance, how to run monthly figures and debtors, how to deal with client complaints, touching on leadership and running teams effectively.

  • Selection of team members - red and green flags.

  • The importance of accurate job descriptions.

  • Feminism in veterinary practice - is it necessary?

  • Animal vs human behaviour - the importance of psychology.

  • Marketing aims and practices.

  • Wellness and mindfulness in veterinary practice.

  • Innovation and change management, how to ensure your whole team is along for the ride.

  • Do you want to be a leader? Why?

  • Dealing with confrontation.

  • Client communication - how to frame those difficult conversations.

  • How to create a support network for new graduates with so little time on your hands?


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