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We are delighted to present our #1 rated nurse workshop as a webinar!

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A great head nurse is the central cog to every vet clinic. A behind-the-scenes hero, a head nurse ensures everything goes smoothly each day - the patients are cared for to the highest standard, the supplies arrive, the facilities are sparkling, the vets have what they need, clients are happy, the nursing team are well, working to their best and that Betty gets Christmas off this year because she has worked the last three!


Head Nurses in the veterinary world experience a lot of pressure and have high demands placed on them from the get-go, yet many receive little additional training in leadership and management when they are promoted to this challenging senior position.


This workshop focuses on lessons in management that will resonate with any nurse in a position of leadership. Led by Hannah Curwood, Head Nurse, Practice Manager, General Manager and co-founder of The London Animal Hospital, we will open up the floor so attendees can discuss challenges they have faced and collaborate with their nursing colleagues to find solutions. Attendees will leave with new strategies for success, renewed confidence and a fresh, supportive community of people to call on when times are tough.


Over the course of the workshop we will discuss:


  • Efficiency

  • Leadership

  • Dealing with conflict

  • Self care


This event is suitable for head nurses, any student or vet nurse aspiring to become a head nurse and practice leaders such as practice managers, partners and owners who support a head nurse.


'I really loved the environment and open discussion Hannah created. I feel there was no filler and all information was relevant and really useful.'

Elsa, Head Nurse


'I 100% recommend this workshop to all of my nursing colleagues, the lessons and support are invaluable and I haven't seen anything like this on offer anywhere else.'

Rebecca, Vet Nurse & Practice Manager


'I left feeling prepared for my next career goal, - qualifying to become Head Nurse'

Sara, Student Veterinary Nurse


3 CPD points, accredited by the NZVNA.


Attendees receive:


  • Access to the live webinar with interactive discussion

  • NZVNA CPD certificate

  • An invitation to join our exclusive Kick-Ass alumni community discussion channel

  • A whopping 40% discount off your first Management Mentor 1:1 session


Places are limited so register now to avoid disappointment!



    Workshop - How To Be A Kick-Ass Head Nurse

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