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$100 off Performance workshop and a free phone consult? Yes please...

Happy Friday! Well done for getting to the end (well, for some of us) of another busy week in veterinary practice.

Things have been busy here this week. I enjoyed collaborating with Indie Vets on Monday, presenting 'What is Management Mentorship & Why is it Important?' for their members, launched my new management mentor subscription service Mini Manager, overhauled my website and finally, I celebrated the launch of a collaboration with well respected UK company Oncore CPD. I'm very proud to say that Oncore are now hosting one of my online workshops and offering this to vet professionals in the UK.

I hoped you might join me in celebrating and so am offering my clients the chance to buy digital workshop A Vet Leader's Guide to Performance Reviews for a hefty discount of $100.

You can now purchase this workshop for $149, down from $249.

Self-paced and chock full of excellent resources, this workshop is an excellent way to renovate your performance process or tutor those new to it.

If you purchase before 1 Dec 2022 I'll also throw in a free 45 phone consultation - because why not?

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